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Borrowers should read and understand the Key Features Document that must be given to them by law. This will explain all the charges and will give an APR that can be used to compare deals from different brokers or lenders. Borrowers should not sign the paper work until they are completely happy with their mortgage deal.

HWC has produced a free handbook, which provides guidance to Buy to Let clients.

Quality Advice from us

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Cowboy brokers are often quick sell mortgages with initially low discounted interest rates, which quickly move onto very high standard variable rates with extended tie-in periods. Clients pay high fees and rates thinking they have no choice convinced that they are not credit-worthy and must virtually agree to sign anything to get a loan or re-mortgage.


Doctor Jay P Taylor is the specialist for those families needing loans and Buy to Let mortgage advice.

We are currently looking to expand and take on one additional Financial Adviser in the year 2005.


You have your own particular needs and requirements.

We can help you make the essential decisions with:

  • A practical discussion about YOUR situation, YOUR needs and how you can solve them.
  • A thorough and confidential analysis of your requirements and objectives.
  • A structured assessment on how you can plan your future.
  • A complete update on your mortgage

  • An initial meeting to discuss the above objectives is offered without charge.

    For more information on what we can do to help you, please
    contact us.